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The project is addressed to VET students, and 24 and 8 teachers per country will be directly involved in the project activities.

Project Summary

The overall education process has a daunting task ahead: to teach students the 21st century skills, meaning to develop
skills to face, adapt and solve problems that are not known yet and which will be visible in some years. The key point is
to shift from acquiring knowledge to using it.
It is high time for schools to develop their approach adapting to the latest trends in job-related skills and to offer the
necessary support to students in considering their career prospects and developing their self-employability, according to
their personalities and competencies.

There are planned 5 LTTA meetings, you can find out more about them here:


The project objectives are:

The main aim of our project is to develop students’ metacognition, which is cognition about cognition, while they expand core knowledge and skills.


To create the ground for peer learning where participants can exchange best practice examples in the VET field during
a two years project


To enhance the 21st century skills of students of 5 EU school during a two years project


To build up participants’ ability to foresee career opportunities


To boost students’ life, learning, and literacy skills, as well as their professional knowledge


To strengthen cross-cultural communication, respect and tolerance


To create the setting for participants to apply the new acquired knowledge and skills

Our approach:

The project is based on student centered approach aiming to develop their life skills (Social Abilities, Efficiency, Flexibility, Initiative, Leadership), learning skills (Communication, Creative Thinking, Collaboration, Critical Thinking), literacy skills (Information, Media and Technology Literacy), so that they can upgrade their own chances to get a job when graduating. An added value to our project will be given by undertaking a pragmatical approach by asking students to apply the gained knowledge in job-seeking exercises.


Participating to this project will bring multiple benefits to all partner schools. Schools will expand the VET network of contacts, exchange best practices examples and develop the school curriculum.

Teachers will develop their teaching approach and will broaden their vision by observing what methodologies and tools
are used in other EU schools.
This will enable participants to enhance their ways to organize activities outside classes for VET students.
Partners will have the capacity to build up long lasting collaboration.

The project results will be integrated into daily teaching giving an international dimension of the educational process.
The Erasmus+ project will contribute in promoting a positive image of our schools and staff.
It is a real proof that teachers are interested in lifelong learning and being updated with the last trends in matter of

The tangible results are:

Presentations of the schools

5 sets of educational materials produced during the international exchanges

Analysis of the VET education in all partner countries

1 guide: employability and skills development of European VET students

Presentation of online tools used to identify job opportunities

Meeting reports

Promotional materials